Vintage English Bushel Boxes - 

At least 40 years old, used for picking apples from the orchard. Writing and condition vary due to age of box.

£18.00 each

Repro English Bushel Boxes -

the traditional bushel box used to pick & store apples. Now the ultimate storage accessory around the home & garden.

54 cm x 37cm x 29cm high

£18.00 each

Repro English Half Bushel Box -

half the height

54cm x 37cm x 14cm high

£14.40 each.

Repro English Soft Fruit Tray -

on right hand side

59cm x 43cm x 12cm high

£14.40 each.

Repro English Quarter Bushel Boxes 

40cm x 30cm x 14cm high

£13.80 each

Large Premier Soft Fruit Punnet

40cm x 23cm x 14cm with fixed handle

£4.50 each

Repro Medium Soft Fruit Punnet

30cm x 14cm x 6cm

£1.80 each

Repro Small Soft Fruit Punnet

13cm x 10cm x 8cm

£0.75 each

Repro English Bushel Box with removable long shelf

e.g. wine rack

£21.60 each

Repro English Bushel Box with removable short shelf.

e.g. books

(2 boxes shown)

£21.60 each

Sorry out of stock